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Thank you once again Nantucket in Loveland. We have the best Maintenance Team. Ben came prepared with everything he needed to fix my problem. He also showed me how to lube my windows so I can open them all to best clean them when warm weather gets here and that wasn’t even on my repair request. Hate to be needy too often but I am proud to call Nantucket home knowing that when I do need something someone will be here .This time I thank Ben.

- Tori - April 2024, Nantucket Apartments - Loveland, OH

Loved the environment. Everyone from Management to maintenance were very nice and helpful. Thanks!!

- Mar Morales - April 2024, Harvard Square - Dallas, TX

I called one afternoon about my garbage disposal and the next morning they were here to fix it. Everything was left nice and clean. They are always very responsive and very friendly and do a good job.

- Vickie E. - April 2024, Blue Grass Manor - Erlanger, KY

Great place to live!!! Super clean and well-kept. Very nice and spacious units. Very competitive rent prices. Separate electric and water bills. Dog- and cat-friendly. Up to 2 dogs or 2 cats. You have the option of having a garage as well. Very safe and friendly place to live.

- Tyler Drudy - March 2024, Washington Place - Miamisburg, OH

Nice! The way they care for the residents. I don’t have any difficulty. The room is clean and well-maintained. I give them five stars.

- Tade A. - March 2024, Woodbridge Apartments - Dallas, TX

Scheduled for mandatory maintenance today on my unit’s electrical sockets/switches Juan was professional considerate and eager to answer any questions I had. Rico was the same way these two guys had the diligence and know-how to make sure today went smoothly and stress-free. Can’t recommend them enough.

- Tanner - March 2024, Preston Park - Dallas, TX

We have lived here for about a month in a 3-bedroom townhome and absolutely love it! It is very quiet. With the market being tough to find a home this is a great substitute! I give it 4.3 stars because when we moved in some things were not done but they fixed everything we asked for within 1.5 weeks! The maintenance man Michael was so pleasant and helpful! Also, we had a water issue with our tub and literally maintenance came within an hour on a Saturday morning! Again this place is wonderful.

- Nikki K. - March 2024, Montana Valley - Mt. Airy Cincinnati, OH

Completely fell in love with living in Washington Place in Miamisburg. The community is extremely beautiful and well-maintained. Especially thanking Alexis for her cooperation and timely communications.

- Neil Abraham - March 2024, Washington Place - Miamisburg, OH

Awesome response to my issue with the heat. Submitted a maintenance request via portal on Sunday and maintenance was here at 7:45AM Monday. Can’t ask for a better response!!!

- Peggy M. - February 2024, Colonial Ridge - Cincinnati, OH

The place is amazing and Marla is so attentive and friendly that I felt like I was at home. I found an excellent place to live with my family.

- Aline Farias - February 2024, Washington Place Apartments - Miamisburg, OH

A great place to live. Helen is amazing, the maintenance staff are pros, and the apartment was very cozy!

- Jim H. - February 2024, Preston Park - Dallas, TX

We asked the management office for help sprucing up the apartment after 3+ years as residents in this wonderful community. All the staff responded with updates follow up calls and supportive notes to let us know about every stage of the process. The specialist did an amazing job resurfacing our bathroom. We appreciate how new and clean it looks. The painters were friendly and professional. They did a phenomenal job painting the apartment in less than 30 minutes. You can trust Fath Properties to be honest and professional. Thank you so much!

- Micah B. - February 2024, Lake of the Woods - Mt. Healthy, Cincinnati, OH

I lived at Cambridge for 31 months. Is there room for improvement? Yes. But that is true with any community. My four stars are a reflection of a few things. First of all I stayed in a large 2/2. It was a good sized unit and spacious compared to alot of units all saw at that price point. The layout is a bit clumsy but note that this is an older property and so the layout represents that era. I knocked off one star for minor issues with cleaniness and occasional pests all issues that when reported were handled by the management office. Which brings me to the management. My interactions were almost exclusively with Chris. She was always willing to help however she could. She listened and always responded the right way. She was extremely helpful in making sure rent increases did not get out of control – and I signed 3 leases in my time there I should know. Her service and work deserve a full five stars. If you are new to Dallas as I was 31 months ago this is a place you should go see. The location is great and compared to The Village next door the prices are more affordable. The place is generally clean (except for the occasional problem resident) parking was always safe for us. And I never came across any major safety issues. The property can use a better system to keep some residents accountable with the cleaning up after their pets – again generally not an issue but may be an area of attention and also the community laundry can use a bit of an upgrade which when I moved out seemed that it was already under way. Overall this property is a solid 4 star for great attentive management price size and location. Thank you for reading.

- Mind of Miz - February 2024, Cambridge Court - Dallas, TX

Living here for more than ten years. Good customer service, responds quickly to maintenance problems, and good neighbors.

- Philip Ofosu - February 2024, Princeton Court Apartments - Dallas, TX

It was ALL a great experience. And even better I love my apartment. I really feel at home here. I look out over a pond and it just brings my stress and blood pressure completely down. Zarina was really a great advocate in helping me through the process.

- Joni Turner - February 2024, Nantucket Apartments - Loveland, OH

Am so thankful and happy that I found some were very nice and well-kept together to live. The office staff is so nice and respectful and most of all I love my apartment.

- Stephanie B - February 2024, Lake of the Woods - Mt. Healthy, Cincinnati, OH

I will say my 2 years staying here was the best. Maintenance 5 stars, leasing office 6 stars for April, and the rest of the staff. I will definitely miss staying here. Thanks for the hospitality and quick service. It’s my great honor to meet and know you all at Canyon Creek. Thanks, thanks, thanks. 

- Ken Y. - February 2024, Canyon Creek - Dallas, TX

Couldn’t recommend Nantucket more. They are well-built and we loved our Patriot Floor Plan. Safe and quiet at all times. Awesome gym and pool plus other great amenities in the clubhouse. The staff were always very quick to resolve any issues we had. You won’t regret moving here!

- Michael Portilla - January 2024, Nantucket Apartments - Loveland, OH

These on this side of town set themselves apart from a lot of others because of their dedication to customer service. Being a second-time resident tells a lot about the trust I have in their office to take care of their apartment community. Every request I’ve made for my apartment has been taken care of in a reasonable amount of time. I am so grateful for it. I’ve had friends that have lived here too and always said great things about the housing manager Amber and how the properties are taken care of.

- Shannon Doles - January 2024, Montana Valley - Mt. Airy, Cincinnati, OH

My heat went out overnight during the recent cold snap. I put in a request early that next morning. Amber Bostic gave me a call right away to tell me that someone would be right over ASAP. When the maintenance man arrived here saw that the wiring in the unit had burned and broke causing the heater to stop completely. He assured me that he would be back first thing the next morning to make the repair because he needed to go get new parts. In the meantime, I was given 2 space heaters to keep warm with. The next morning while I was at work he came in and made the repairs. When I got home from work my heart was working again.

- Kristen T - January 2024, Montana Valley - Mt. Airy, Cincinnati, OH

I just moved in at the end of December and it’s been a pleasant experience so far! The unit is freshly renovated and it looks beautiful. The complex is quiet, clean, and well-maintained; I’ve seen a woman cleaning the hallways, doors, and parking lot/grass area a couple times and when it snowed the complex was plowed a few times to ensure that it was safe to drive through. The balconies/patios are HUGE and they also provide private storage units in the laundry area which is very helpful! I did have a small issue in my unit when I moved in but the maintenance and office staff got it resolved fairly quickly and were very kind when I spoke to them about said issue. The only thing I’m not fond of is the sliding/folding closet doors because they do fall off the track on occasion but honestly, since that’s the only complaint that I have I’m satisfied! My apartment feels like home and I’m happy that I chose to move to Lake of the Woods!! I highly recommend it!

- Haley B. - January 2023, Lake of the Woods Apartments - Mt. Healthy, Cincinnati, OH

I have been living here at Fairfield Pointe for almost 7 years. I absolutely love the property and the staff. But this review specifically is for our amazing maintenance men! Geoff and Fred!! They’re amazing at what they do but what makes them stand out is the connection they have made with my family!! Interacting with my two children and my mother when she’s here. Our heat went out last night and Geoff was here in no time. Fixed the issue while holding a conversation and laughing with us. Fred was the same way a few nights prior. They are so special and Fairfield Pointe is so lucky to have them!!!

- Amber Morris - January 2024, Fairfield Pointe Apartments - Fairfield, OH

Living at Blue Grass Manor has been a delightful and peaceful journey. Being a new resident of Kentucky I had no idea what the communities were like, let alone where to move. I came across Blue Grass because it was one of the many complexes close to my job. When I came in and met Lindsey the property manager it was like I had known her all my life. She was such a wonderful knowledgeable and positive person to work with. After moving in and meeting all the staff, including maintenance, I finally found a place I love calling home. It’s clean quiet peaceful affordable convenient and overall a fantastic place to live!!!! I love it and so does my dog!!!

- Koko W. - January 2024, Blue Grass Manor - Erlanger KY

I’ve been leasing with The Brownstones for over 8 years now – this alone says a lot. Clean and pleasant complex and very good floor plans. The maintenance staff is always professional and resolves the issues as quickly as they can. The office managers have changed a few times in these 8 years and with just one exception they were all easy to work with. The current office manager Kedra is always on top of things – and her listening skills are amazing. No defensive answers just really listening and caring about the residents. Great place to live!

- Angie S. - January 2024, The Brownstones - Dallas, TX

I love my apartment! This was my first time moving and Lesley was so wonderful! She is so kind and made the process as easy as possible. My apartment is huge and such an amazing price. I feel so safe and I’m absolutely in love with it.

- Jordan Giblaint - December 2023, Woodbridge Apartments - Dallas, TX

The entire experience was Great! Zarina was fantastic!! I can’t wait to move into this beautiful home. And that is exactly what it feels like it does not feel like a run-of-the-mill apartment the vaulted ceilings and the views of the lake really make this a place that feels like a true home.

- Jamtheturn 13 - December 2023, Nantucket Apartments - Loveland, OH

The staff were engaging friendly and professional. The property is very nice also! I hadn’t an appointment however they treated as if I did and welcomed me in with great information and a clear path to residency.

- Spencer M. - December 2023, Compton Lake - Mt. Healthy, Cincinnati, OH

Excellent experience with Lindsey. She listened carefully my situation. Assured me that she will do her best to keep an apartment ready by my moving date. She regularly kept contact and provided updates. On the day of move in She helped in all possible way. The overall support experience is great. The apartment condition was good. There are some very minor issues which one can expect from every apartment they move in. But overall never seen a better support than this. Thanks Lindsey. Thanks Blue Grass Manor.

- Debsankar D. - December 2023, Blue Grass Manor - Erlanger, KY

I have been staying here since May 2023 and I will give you a run down. They don’t play here it’s really all about the resident’s safety so if you have anything that affects that just know they’re going to say something! The maintenance is really helpful and on time. The managers always send emails so READ THEM. Every apartment that’s older has its ups and downs and honestly, for my first apartment, it has been a great experience. The laundry room is always available. Just don’t go on the days everybody wash because good luck with that. I wouldn’t go based off of the bad reviews because sometimes people don’t want to be an adult. Just make sure you keep everything up to date with your CAR. Really affordable rent caught them on a special they had and I couldn’t have found better. Walmart is right across the street and many schools nearby. For 7 months it’s been cool. God bless! Merry Christmas!

- Breanna Perry - November 2023, The Biltmore - Vickery Meadow, Dallas, TX

My overall experience with the service I received was excellent. The response time was quick and Aaron was very friendly and took care of my problem in one visit. Aaron is definitely an asset to Deer Hill. Thank you again for all of your help. Tom

- Tom Bosken - December 2023, Deer Hill - Mt. Washington, Cincinnati, OH

Home sweet home! This place has a home feeling attached to it. Neighbors are nice and respectful and maintenance are helpful and address any work orders within a week unless its emergency then a maintenance would be at the apartment within one hour of calling the emergency number. I highly recommend this place to my friends!

- Yazan Mazen - November 2023, Romaine Court - Cincinnati, OH

I don’t think that you are able to find a perfect situation no matter where you go. With that being said the Brownstones were about as close as they could be. I was able to acquire the apartment sign the lease and pay all of the fees before I even made it to the state of Texas. And I love the 30-day guarantee. If you are not happy with your apartment you can break your lease in the first 30 days. We had a couple of little hiccups they’re very particular about the trash. And will not knock on your door instead you will get passive-aggressive warnings. The only other issue that I had was about a month before I moved out, it was with the Internet. Without going into it it was an absolute nightmare that they have since corrected. You will not run into the same issues that I did. Onto the good. They are clean and relatively up-to-date (Best dishwasher I have ever had). I love that there’s an attached garage to every unit. The facilities are always clean and well-maintained and if you have an issue the maintenance team will be there quickly. It may not always get fixed on the first try but they won’t give up on you. The property itself is well-maintained, there’s places for you to walk your dog, and they provide trash receptacles as well as bags to clean up after your pets. I personally don’t have a dog but I never had any issues with pet owners in the complex not cleaning up after them. Maintenance walks the grounds every morning and picks up trash as well as the trash Valet m to f. As mentioned previously I have since moved. The move-out process was quick and relatively painless when it comes to dealing with the office. I even got about half of my deposit back which I feel is fair. They were timely and didn’t drag out the process. My only feedback is they do turn off auto pay when you give them your notice and that has the ability to cause problems. Other than that I am overall happy with my year there. If I find myself back in Dallas I will absolutely consider moving back to The Brownstones.

- Ashley Bonham - October 2023, The Brownstones - Dallas, TX

Outstanding leasing experience! The process from inquiry to move-in was seamless and enjoyable. The team at Biltmore was responsive and professional and made every step effortless. Ms. Octavia my leasing agent was exceptional; her guidance and support was very much appreciated. The apartment surpassed expectations reflecting the care of the management. I’m thrilled with my new home and highly recommend Biltmore for their exceptional service. Thanks to Ms. Octavia and the entire team for their dedication and for making my transition so smooth!

- Nick Jones - October 2023, The Biltmore Apartments - Dallas, TX

Maintenance is always very quick to respond and they do a great job. I have never had an issue with them and I have resided here going on 10 years!

- Bruno Maignan - October 2023, Cambridge Court - Dallas, TX

Very pleasant experience at this apartment community in Cincinnati. There aren’t many places left that have a nice tucked-off community with a very attentive and pleasant management team. They are well-kept and maintained and the landlord is very accessible and attentive to any of our needs. It’s been a pleasure living at Lisa Ridge over the past several years. I’ve rented from them twice and plan to recommend it again to others looking for a starter apartment.

- Jason Young - October 2023, Lisa Ridge - W Price Hill, Cincinnati, OH

I lived at Deer Hill for nearly four years and couldn’t have had a better experience. The staff keeps the grounds maintained and cleaned and are very attentive to the needs of their tenants. I never had to wait an excessive amount of time for maintenance to address the few requests I submitted. Aaron a maintenance worker was always kind and courteous. I lived at Deer Hill while attending college and my neighbors were a great mixture of older and younger people. I highly recommend living here! It is suitable as a both a starter apartment or a place you can call home for many years.

- Nicholas Roades - October 2023, Deer Hill - Mt. Washington, Cincinnati, OH

From the time I applied in early ‘21 with Brooke Gonzalez to my last day with Ms. Rhonda and Ms. Karen, I was always treated with respect and dignity. So much so that I even had my mother move in prior to my departure, right across the street from me! Had there been any 2 bedrooms available from Fath in the Forest Park area, I would have gladly moved there. Unfortunately there wasn’t. The price was reasonable, the grounds were meticulously maintained and the snow was treated usually before the last flake fell! Outstanding!! And any maintenance request I had, which were very few, were swiftly and effectively taken care of. I’d like to thank Grayson, Dennis, Keith and now “D,” for their swift and competent work! Thanks to both Mahala and Makala as well. I believe College Woods is truly one of the “hidden gems” of Cincinnati and wish you all much continued success and prosperity!!

- Sanford Tubbs - October 2023, College Woods - College Hill, Cincinnati, Ohio

I love this management team! I love the community. Even the maintenance to groundskeepers are just genuinely nice. Everyone picks up their dog’s waste. Every home has a beautiful magnolia tree or beautiful home vibe. Beautiful wreaths give you an idea of home is where our heart is… I lived in another townhome one year prior. I wish I would have made Brownstone my first choice. It’s a clean, quiet, calming, and peaceful place to reside. I love my place. Honestly, I am not in a rush to leave. The closet and the garden tub are perfect. The master bedroom is huge! Thank you to everyone in the office that have been patient, kind, and helpful with my transition from homeowner to townhome living! I appreciate where I live and definitely management.

- Dynasty Hill - October 2023, The Brownstones - Dallas, TX

Our maintenance professional arrived to repair our light almost before we had a chance to try to turn it on again. He figured out how to REPAIR it without having to REPLACE the whole fixture. He was friendly, efficient, and very professional. This is the typical result we have come to expect in the last 32 years that we have lived here. By the way, we also have a wonderful staff in the office and also wonderful neighbors!

- Lynda Rogers - October 2023, Woodbridge Apartments - Dallas, TX

(Translated by Google) Thank you Paloma and Karla for your attention and good service. I loved my apartment. And the little gift they gave me when I moved was very nice. Thank you for giving me the apartment just in the time I needed it. Definitely 100% recommended!!! If you are looking for good service and quality Biltmore is the place for you.

(Original) Gracias Paloma y Karla por su atención y su buen servicio. Me encanto mi apartamento. Y el regalito que me dieron cuando me moví fue muy lindo. Gracias por entregarme el apartamento justo en el tiempo que lo necesitaba. Definitivamente 100% recomendados!!! Si buscas buen servicio y calidad Biltmore es el lugar para ti.

- Vanessa Giron - September 2023, The Biltmore Apartments - Dallas, TX

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Fairfield Pointe apartment complex and I must say the experience left a lasting impression on me. Despite not yet being approved for a lease I am compelled to share my thoughts on the exceptional process that unfolded during my visit. From the moment I stepped into the leasing office I was greeted by a warm and friendly team of leasing professionals who were genuinely invested in making my experience a posisive one. Despite the busy environment they managed to maintain a sense of calm and composure ensuring that each visitor received the attention they deserved. They provided detailed information about the available units lease terms and amenities leaving no stone unturned. Their transparency and willingness to address any concerns or uncertainties instilled in me a sense of trust and confidence in the management team. Their willingness to go the extra mile to accommodate my needs was truly remarkable. Their infectious enthusiasm made me even more excited about the prospect of becoming a part of this community. Although I am still awaiting approval for my lease application the experience itself has left an indelible impression on me. I have no doubt that if this level of excellence is maintained throughout my tenancy this will be a place I am proud to call home.

- Wilfried Takpiti - September 2023, Fairfield Pointe - Fairfield, OH

This week I entered a maintenance request. The problem was identified and fixed quickly. The maintenance team here is top notch!

- Donna Jenkins - August 2023, Washington Park - Centerville, OH

i have lived here at the summit at midtown for 1 year luv luv luv this place. It is quiet and secure and the management or extremely nice and professional. If you are looking for the best managed combined with affordability look no further this is the best place to live.

- Allan Bryan - August 2023, The Summit at Midtown - Dallas, TX

I lived at The Brownstones for 3 years and overall had a great experience! Definitely recommend for anyone looking for a nice apartment style condo. All of the staff and maintenance staff is friendly and great to work with (Kedra is the best!). Pool is always clean and very well kept. Gym is a little small but they have what you need for a solid workout. Complex is well maintained and very private. Location is amazing! You have everything you could possibly need within a 5 mile radius of the complex.

- Alex Buhidar - August 2023, The Brownstones - Dallas, TX

I sent a maintenance email that morning and Hugo was knocking on my door that afternoon… Thank you

- Pascalle Cohen - August 2023, Princeton Court - Dallas, TX

Once the request was submitted it was responded to quickly. The maintenance person was fast courteous and knowledgeable. He gave me tips on avoiding additional problems.

- Robert Bradley - August 2023, Park Lane - Norwood, OH

So far the move was easy. Diamond was really great and kept in touch with me about everything. I did a big relocation and I’m happy to have such a cute place to live. It was clean, floors updated, and a little bigger then my last apartment. I’m happy for this to be home for the next few years.

- Anna T. - August 2023, Harvard Square - Dallas, TX

(Translated by Google) It is a very nice and quiet area, I really like that apartment area. (Original) Es una zona muy bonita y trankila, me gusta mucho esa área de departamentos.

- Miguel Angel Contreras Baruch - August 2023, Fairfield Pointe - Fairfield, OH

This place has very good prices considering it’s very close to Dallas. I applied for an apartment here and now I am a resident. So far the apartment was given in good condition very clean (more than we expected it to be) it has a very quiet and peaceful environment. If you plan on looking at these as a first-time renter this would be a great option!

- Nikki Martinez - August 2023, Canyon Creek - Dallas, TX

My cat and I lived in a studio apartment on the third floor of Building 4 for almost two years. Though the place is older and the gate was out of order sometimes I always felt safe and at home. The team in the leasing office kept up good communication and our maintenance team provided excellent service.

- Grace Bayona - August 2023, Cambridge Court - Dallas, TX

The maintenance at Fairfield Pointe is impeccable and the main reason I have stayed here for over 3 years. They are always kind, friendly, and respectful. Requests are typically completed in 24-48 hours. They are incredibly handy and can fix just about anything. They are also great at communicating with me to ensure I am informed of what’s going on. I am so impressed with the maintenance team- thank you for everything!!

- Tangie Camara - August 2023, Aspen Village - Cincinnati, OH

I have been living in Nantucket apartments since last summer. It’s really nice place to live, work, shops are nearby and don’t have to travel too far. We just changed our house and moved to a bigger one, renovated one. I appreciate the team making my move easier. I have a lake view from both my bed and living rooms and I loved the sound of the water. I would like to highlight outstanding and prompt response to maintenance request, regularly communication about updates and events, well-maintained common areas, effective security measures and the most important is friendly and approachable staff.

- Prajakta Deorukhkar - August 2023, Deer Hill Apartments - Mt. Washington, Cincinnati, OH

I have been living in Nantucket apartments since last summer. It’s really nice place to live, work, shops are nearby and don’t have to travel too far. We just changed our house and moved to a bigger one, renovated one. I appreciate the team making my move easier. I have a lake view from both my bed and living rooms and I loved the sound of the water. I would like to highlight outstanding and prompt response to maintenance request, regularly communication about updates and events, well-maintained common areas, effective security measures and the most important is friendly and approachable staff.

- Wendy Hammond - June 2023, Nantucket Apartments - Loveland, OH

This is the most professional/helpful staff I’ve ever seen from property managers. And they handle maintenance requests with the quickness ! If it’s not same day or next day it’s because they had emergency maintenance to get to, which is understandable! And Brooke and Kira (probably spelled wrong) went out their way to help me get my packages upstairs, they are so sweet ! You will not get property management like this at too many places. I love it here ! ❤️

- Rebekkah Parks - July 2023, Lisa Ridge - Cincinnati, OH

Everyone in the office is so friendly & very helpful. The move-in process was super easy. I’m really glad I moved over here.

- •/•{Cloudy Skies}•\• - August 2023, Woodbridge Apartments - Dallas, TX

Excellent and Very good community with staff and mgmt. Huge playground for kids to play, a great gym, and maintained very well over few years.

- Mohasin Kaida - August 2023, Washington Place - Miamisburg, OH

I have been so happy to call The Summit my home ever since day one. The management is attentive and friendly the maintenance is quick and efficient and the property’s landscaping always has something new in bloom. The pool is my favorite part they have a super cool cabana in case someone isn’t such a lizard in the sun like I am. The laundry facilities are also conveniently located and you can just use your Google wallet and scan the machine. Will also tell you ahead of time how many washers or dryers are available so you can decide before bringing your stuff down if enough machines are open. If you are wanting a safe quiet lovely place to call home this is the spot! Thank you Summit staff!

- Allyson Lincoln - August 2023, The Summit at Midtown Apartments Dallas, TX

Chris and his staff have been polite efficient and professional when it has come to anything going on. Thank you again for making me feel at home Red Bank Reserves.

- Bradbury Lifestyle - August 2023, Red Bank Reserve Apartments - Cincinnati, OH

Helen was amazing and super understanding. Whenever I had an issue she was always ready to help. I dont understand the reason why so many negative reviews for her. She deserves this review for her help & support towards us. Thank you Helen! A+++++

- Mohammed Alam - August 2023, Preston Park - Dallas, TX

Mariah was awesome thank you so much for your time and sympathy in our situation of being displaced by a fire.

- Christina Fisk - August 2023, Deer Hill Apartments - Mt. Washington, Cincinnati, OH

The maintenance at Fairfield Pointe is impeccable and the main reason I have stayed here for over 3 years. They are always kind, friendly, and respectful. Requests are typically completed in 24-48 hours. They are incredibly handy and can fix just about anything. They are also great at communicating with me to ensure I am informed of what’s going on. I am so impressed with the maintenance team- thank you for everything!!

- Angela Draeger - July 2023, Fairfield Pointe - Fairfield, OH

OMG!! I so enjoyed renting with you guys I will miss you all so much especially Amber Bostic she is the GOAT. I just needed a lil more room a slightly bigger place with closet space I was looking for but the 3 years with Montana Valley as been nothing short of amazing I miss my fireplace already. But thank you guys for all your support and timely maintenance requests

- Hair Diva - July 2023, Montana Valley - Mt Airy, OH

I really enjoyed my living here at Red Bank! It was a great neighborhood with such a peaceful and quite outdoor space. Chris from the leasing office was always a delight to work with. I lived in the front newer and had minimum issues and if I did they always sent maintenance in a timely manner to fix the issue. I would recommend these to anyone that is looking for a cost-effective safe peaceful living space.

- Candis Ortiz - July 2023, Red Bank Reserve - Madisonville, OH

The place is amazing and Marla is so attentive and friendly that I felt like I was at home. I found an excellent place to live with my family.

- Aline Farias - June 2023, Washington Place - Miamisburg, OH

This place is great.. the staff and the apartment is perfect. There is really nothing to say other than that I highly recommend this townhouse experience …

- 1969THEBULL - June 2023, The Brownstones - Dallas, TX

I have been living in Nantucket since last summer. It’s really nice place to live work shops are nearby and don’t have to travel too far. We just changed our house and moved to a bigger one renovated one. I appreciate the team making my move easier. I have a lake view from both my bed and living rooms and I loved the sound of the water. I would like to highlight outstanding and prompt responses to maintenance requests regular communication about updates and events well-maintained common areas effective security measures and the most important is friendly and approachable staff.

- Zargul Kurbonova - June 2023, Nantucket Apartments - Loveland, OH

Lisa Ridge has been my home for 28 years now. A good place to live.

- Susan Pryor - June 2023, Lisa Ridge - Price Hill, OH

Lived here for a year. The apartment complex was always quiet and very clean. Had an issue when I first moved in and they fixed it quickly. Every person I dealt with was professional.

- Derek Snellgrove - July 2023, Fairfield Pointe, Farfild, OH

I have lived at the Washington Park location managed by Fath for ten years going on eleven. My experience living here and commitment to stay is high. There are many things I could share, but will go with my most recent experience. Last weekend Fath Management and the Washington Park team hosted a pool party. It was fabulous, well attended, and seemed to be enjoyed by all. I especially liked the award-winning food truck. That same weekend I had a water leak disaster. After calling the emergency number, Jason showed up within minutes. He worked tirelessly to resolve the problem. He was very efficient and courteous. The next morning Caitlyn, the property manager, called me to follow up and scheduled a carpet cleaning. This property is very well maintained and the service first rate. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

- AJ Wright - June 2023, Washington Park - Centerville, OH

This place was perfect for our college student. Stayed two years while living in Dallas. It was close to campus (SMU) affordable and safe. They were always quick to help if there were problems. We loved it! Very grateful.

- Kim Hiles - July 2023, Cambridge Court - Dallas, TX

Very fast at getting all my work orders and requests done. EVERY TIME I’ve put in a work order it’s done the very next day. I guess it is a good thing the office is open 7 days a week even if it’s just for a few hours it lets us as tenants know you guys care and will always answer our needs and requests! Thank you guys for everything!

- Kyng Britten - July 2023, Aspen Village - Cincinnati, OH

Washington Place Apartment staff manages and maintains its property well, residents are considerate, and the surroundings are quiet and safe. I lived here for four years and highly recommend it to families with young children looking for a peaceful place to call home.

For the last 15 years, I frequently relocate due to work; among the properties in CA, MN, TX, OH, and NM that I have seen, this place stands out as one of the best.

The office staff was professional and devoted to the property. Alexis was our first contact there, and the extent of her attentiveness and knowledge of the apartments was impressive. The application and leasing process was virtually flawless. During our stay there, Marly, the assistant manager, was often the first to answer the phone or greet us at the office and was always cheerful and helpful in handling our inquiries and requests. Tammy was the community property manager, and her devotion to Washington Place was incredible. I believe she inspected every unit during unit turn-overs and attended to all aspects of the properties, including even picking up litter on weekends. There was no office staff turnover during the four years my family was there, evidence of how well Tammy ran the property.

The units and grounds were well maintained, thanks to Dean and his crew. The units seemed to be more than 10 years old, but the structures were well-designed and well-insulated. More than 99% of the property was in working and clean condition at all times, including all the street lighting. When the bulbs went out, they were usually fixed in a few days. The maintenance staff resolved all requests almost always within a day; which was incredible considering that many of our issues were not urgent. They always wore booties when inside the units and thoroughly cleaned the area after work.

There were so many more positive aspects that our family treasured the place for. Residents were great; many adults took strolls and kids play outside, creating a safe and family-friendly environment. There were plenty of trees, well-kept grass areas, small animals, walking trails, and a stream that ran through the property. They frequently power-washed buildings, renewed asphalt, and repainted parking stripes; and the roads and trash areas were kept litter-free. There was plenty of parking; the attached garage was convenient and unheard of at other apartments. Buildings were well spaced apart. The gym was well-equipped, spacious, and clean. Rules were enforced, which kept the place safe, orderly, and quiet. The place had imperfections, but they were minor. The tubs were squeaky, a couple of door frames had cracks, not all neighbors were friendly, some residents threw trash in the wrong place, and kids sometimes left bicycles at crazy places. But, the positives overwhelmingly outweighed these.

We moved away last month and miss the place quite a bit. – Miles Chen

- Miles Chen - June 2023, Washington Place Apartments - Miamisburg, OH

I have lived in 3 bedroom townhouse at Fairfield Pointe for 5 years and could not recommend it any higher! They take great care of the property and are very attentive when you need repairs. I even called them on Christmas day with what some places wouldn’t even consider an emergency and they were there within 10 minutes. You just can’t beat service like that! One word of warning though. If you’re into loud music smoking weed on your steps partying that bothers other people and basically a thug life this place isn’t for you. They simply won’t put up with the crap.

- Kathy Sprinkle - June 2023, Fairfield Pointe - Fairfield, OH

I used to live here for a few years. The only reason I left is because my husband and I bought our home. The office ladies were very responsive when it snowed they always salted the sidewalks and picked up trash early in the morning. It was a wonderful place to live. It’s right off the highway exit and down the street from the fire and police station.

- Kayla - June 2023, Blue Grass Manor - Erlanger, KY

I have lived here for many years. The price is reasonable manager is wonderful and maintenance never lets grass grow under their feet if you have an issue that needs to be addressed. Close to the EPD Fire Department shopping and both interstates if you’re looking for a quiet home community to settle down…with a huge beautiful pool fitness room and laundry facilities on each floor..you can’t beat Bluegrass Manor.

- Susan Smith - June 1, 2023, Bluegrass Manor - Erlanger, KY

Exceptional Service from Responsive Property Management Team

I recently had an issue with my AC at my apartment and submitted a work order late Sunday night. I also placed a follow-up call to explain the seriousness of the issue. To my surprise, the maintenance team knocked at my door early Monday morning. I was blown away by the level of responsiveness and efficiency demonstrated by this team. The property management did not only ensure that my issue got resolved quickly but they also followed up to check if everything was working properly and that I was satisfied with the service. I am very grateful to live in a community managed by a dedicated property management staff that value their residents’ needs. My special thanks to DeeDee and her team for their outstanding service and for making me feel like a valued member of this community. Although it’s almost midnight, I don’t want to sleep without thanking them and forget about it while sleeping in the comfort that resulted from their service. Thus, I’m writing this review so that I wouldn’t feel guilty for not giving credit where it is due. I said it before and I will repeat it now, I love my place so do my friends and family members who are happy for me to be here. I highly recommend this property to anyone looking for a great place to call home that’s conveniently located to anything one mostly needs!

- Yerusalem A. - May 2023, The Biltmore - Dallas, TX

“Helen is such a nice soul. I’m a student and she helped me with every step to move in. I highly recommend leasing here.”

- Baha Lefou - May 2023, Preston Park - Dallas, TX

I have lived here for almost 6 months now and I love it! Here are some of my favorite things:- Every apartment comes with a storage unit- I had a maintenance issue and they came to fix it within 24 hours!!- My neighbors are very nice- Even if the hallways are loud my apartment is silent once I close the door- They are actually really spacious and the layouts are great!- They have landscapers that come about once a week and make sure everything looks nice and is trash-free outside- They have cleaning people who come once a week and clean the inside of the buildings and laundry rooms- There’s tons of storage in the – The balconies are surprisingly really big- Utilities are cheap! I would absolutely recommend living here to anyone who is looking! I love it.

- Haley - May 2023, Aspen Village - Cincinnati, OH

Been living here ten years. Very quiet and peaceful and up kept. Mahala is very nice and handles everything she can.

- Lashona Bennett - April 2023, College Woods - Cincinnati, OH

Thank you so much for your service. Excellent.

- Victor Santisteban - April 2023, Park Lane Apartments - Cincinnati, OH

I love where I live! Everyone is very helpful and quick to respond, and I appreciate the beauty of the grounds so much!

- Judy Hayden - April 2023, Nantucket Apartments - Loveland, OH

From the first time I contacted Andrea she was very professional and worked very hard to help us out. I appreciate that been looking for over a year and finally found something thank you Andrea and her team for all the work they did!

- Jennifer Brock - April 2023, Trails of Saddlebrook - Florence, KY

The application process was very easy to navigate. I found the virtual tour also exceptionally informative.

- Lisa Mcvay - March 2023, Red Bank Reserve - Cincinnati, OH

I made Montana Valley my home two years ago and have been thankful for that decision every single day since. Here at Montana Valley, I’ve met people from such a wide variety of backgrounds it’s impossible to enumerate so I won’t even try. I love my neighbors here because we are all people sharing a bit of our journey through life. The unique management and maintenance staff work so well together one might be tempted to refer to them as a well-tuned engine but that could deflect from their excellent people skills so I’ll not use that particular metaphor. Suffice it to say I’ve yet to meet an employee here who wasn’t professional, efficient, and practical while all the while maintaining an attitude that puts PEOPLE first. The property itself provides excellent walking opportunities as well as areas for kids to play and just be kids. And as I walk around the complex I see PEOPLE CHILDREN PETS – all appearing quite relaxed and proud to call Montana Valley HOME! So if you’re looking for an apartment community that’s much more than just a place like all the others I encourage you to come and see for yourself. Look around the complex; stop and speak to some of the residents; observe for yourself the pride that is obviously taken in the upkeep of this lovely complex.

- Anna Florence - March 2023, Montana Valley - Cincinnati, OH

I have lived at Colonial Ridge for almost 3 years now. Being from a small town and moving to the city I wanted to find a place I felt safe and at home. I found that here! Everyone I have spoken to or interacted with is so kind and easy to talk to. I will comment on the timely manner in which maintenance requests get resolved! I have learned over the years how to handle most of the minor maintenance things because I had slower maintenance men at previous apartments. Most recently I tripped over my dog and knocked my closet door completely off track and I could not fix it! I put in a low priory work order expecting it to take a while to get fixed. It’s a door. But Jonathan got it fixed within just a few days (weekend) of my maintenance request! He was super polite even calling me before he stopped by to make sure I knew he’d be in my home. I haven’t had many issues with my apartment over the years thankfully but when I have they have been resolved within a handful of days. No matter the priority level. I always recommend this hidden gem to my friends who are searching for a new home!

- Frankie Hann - March 2023, Colonial Ridge - Cincinnati, OH

Moved in few weeks ago. The office ladies are amazing (first met Jessica, then Lakeisha and finally Paris herself) they seem to care about tenants and are eager to put you into a safe place you can call home. The maintenance guys are fantastic and friendly, always smiling and always working. This complex is small, quiet, clean with friendly neighbors.

- Tae E. - April 2023, Woodbridge Apartments - Dallas, TX

I love living here & I love Ms Helen 🙂 she is the best property manager!! I haven’t had no problems since I been living here. 10/10

- N.Ewing - March 2023, Preston Park - Dallas, TX

Staff was super helpful. I moved from Michigan and they were patient and communicative with me the whole time. 1st week I love it so far.

- Lasha Alston - March 2023, Lake of the Woods - Mt. Healthy, OH

Dave as always was on time, courteous, and explained to me everything he was doing and why. I was satisfied with the response time and work.

- Linda Dean-Jackson - March 2023, Aspen Village - Cincinnati, OH

The burner to my heater would not stay lit. I called the rental office shortly before noon. When I got home at 7:00 I found the heater functioning properly. Thanks for your quick reply.

- Howard Vail - March 2023, Village East - Franklin, OH

This is a very nice and clean place to live. Quiet and they care a lot about representation.

- TK Elite - March 2023, Lisa Ridge - Cincinnati, OH

Mahala, the College Woods manager, is excellent. Professional, very responsive, and always courteous.

- Tod Scheffler - March 2023, College Woods - Cincinnati, OH

I recently moved in so far everything is good. I put in a maintenance request and they responded immediately, and the maintenance dude was very nice and professional.

- V. Johnson - March 2023, Compton Lake - Mt. Healthy, OH

Quiet, safe, and very good services and speed in performing maintenance and the most beautiful of all is that the workers in the office are very wonderful people who deal with you in a wonderful and polite way.

- Mustafa Moo - March 2023, Canyon Creek - Dallas, TX

I’ve lived here for 5 years. The staff is friendly, always available, and the maintenance staff is amazing! The price is reasonable and the location is outstanding!

- Keia F. - March 2023, Cambridge Court - Dallas, TX

My experience with Bluegrass Manor Apts has been nothing but nice. I say this because it’s true! I’ve been here coming up on 2 years if something goes wrong they don’t hesitate to fix it and the staff is all professional. They make sure you’re happy. I love them all from the office to maintenance. I say this because it’s true this is my experience.

- Teresa Page - March 2023, Blue Grass Manor - Erlanger, KY

Very impressed with how quickly my maintenance request was addressed. Maintenance guy came and took care of our problem within 2 hours of my request. Great job Washington Park!

- The Schleters - March 2023, Washington Park, Centerville OH

The move in process was easy and the ladies in the front office were very helpful! The apartment was very clean and the minor thing that I need addressed was quickly fixed by the nice maintenance man. I am very happy with my decision to move into this nice quite community!

- Giana Martinez - March 2023, The Biltmore Apartments, Dallas TX

Wonderful place. Very affordable and efficient. Enjoy living so close to many restaurants and shops. Maintenance is wonderful and prompt. Araceli is an awesome manager who works hard to keep the place running. I appreciate the kind staff. Look forward to being here for years to come!

- Mike Martinez - March 2023, Harvard Square Apartments, Dallas TX

Jonathon was so awesome! It was the day after we moved in and we had an issue with our toilet. He had a new toilet put in the next day! He was super great and communicated throughout the whole process. Thank you Jonathon!!

- Christina Moore - March 2023, Colonial Ridge, Cincinnati OH

I have lived here for about 1.5 years at this point and I love it. The property is very clean and well maintained. The gym is great and so is the pool. Everyone at the leasing office is very kind and helpful. Highly recommend!

- Madison Berkshire - February 2023, Washington Place Apartments, Miamisburg OH

This place is great.. the staff and the apartment is perfect. There is really nothing to say other than that I highly recommend this townhouse experience …

- 1969THEBULL - February 2023, The Brownstones Apartments, Dallas TX

I love a clean environment and repairing anything that needs fixing done quickly. I am very pleased with Fairfield Pointe cleanliness of the property and also how quick and great our maintenance men respond to calls. They are the best.

- Jennifer Gray - February 2023, Fairfield Pointe, Fairfield, OH

I have been at Red Bank Reserve going on 9 yrs and my Experience has been Amazing. Management does an Amazing job to make you feel at home the area is quiet not a lot of distractions and everything is close for shopping needs. Maintenance staff takes care of the grounds and problems within your apartment when needed. I Truly Enjoy myself here!!!

- Brett Larkin - January 2023, Red Bank Reserve Apartments, Madisonville, OH

I’ve lived at Lisa Ridge for several years and have found the staff to be friendly and willing to address any issues or answer any question quickly and efficiently. The complex is kept safe, clean, and neat and is a quiet pleasant place to live with a playground, picnic area, and swimming pool. Plus Lisa Ridge allows for pets which was very important to me when I was looking for an apartment. It is wonderful to see children playing together people out walking their dogs and everyone stopping to chat or say hi; exactly what you’d want in a neighborhood. I would recommend Lisa Ridge to anyone looking for a new place to call home.

- Angela Hopper - January 2023, Lisa Ridge Apartments, Cincinnati, OH

An excellent place to live. The office staff is awesome. Issues or concerns are handled quickly. Kudos to Lake of the Woods.

- Eunice Brown - January 2023, Lake of the Woods Apartments, Mt. Healthy, OH

I just moved in 3 weeks ago. They are very quick to respond and make it simple and easy to have an enjoyable move in. The apartment itself is very nice and spacious. It’s located within 5-10 minutes of stores and plazas but also secluded so there isn’t any busy street noise.

- Michael Barahona - January 2023, Deer Hill Apartments, Cincinnati, OH

New apt manager helped me clean off my car during last snow. Just happened to be driving by. Stopped, got out and just helped. I hadn’t met her yet. This was a great way to meet her. I so appreciated the help. I have back challenges.

- Kimberly Logan - January 2023, Compton Lake Apartments, Mt. Healthy, OH

I am living in Canyon Creek for the last 3 and a half years, and the service response is really good. The cleanliness and greenery are also good. 🙂

- Praveen Kumar - January 2023, Canyon Creek Apartments, Dallas, TX

Wonderful place. Very affordable and efficient. Enjoy living so close to many restaurants and shops. Maintenance is wonderful and prompt. Araceli is an awesome manager who works hard to keep the place running. I appreciate the kind staff. Look forward to being here for years to come!

- Mike Martinez - January 2023, Harvard Square Apartments, Dallas, TX

I have been living in the Nantucket Apartments for nearly a year and this is a great place to live! The apartments are absolutely beautiful and very spacious. We are definitely spoiled with the oversized bedrooms here and are going to struggle to find a house that is satisfying after living here! The maintenance staff are incredibly nice and are quick to respond whenever something goes wrong. Obviously it is out in the burbs, so there’s not as much to do close to the apartment but it is a short drive from Deerfield, Loveland, and Mason and very close to I-71 if you need to head downtown for anything! There are residents of all ages – including those with kids – so this is great if you’re young, old, single, or have a big family. This is such an improvement from my last apartment complex which was a nightmare and I would highly recommend it to anyone!

- Emily C. - January 2023, Nantucket Apartments, Loveland, OH

The outside property and lobby area is very nice and clean. Maintenance and office personnel are very courteous.

- Shirley Byrd - January 2023, Park Lane Apartments, Cincinnati, OH

Good management and tenant services.
Work requests completed in 24 hours or less.
Nice and clean living environment.
Employees are knowledgeable.

- Johnathan Ho - January 2023, The Biltmore Apartments, Dallas, TX

I’ve been over here going on a year in a half now and I just love it, you couldn’t ask for much better place to live in.

- Corey Jones - January 2023, The Summit at Midtown Apartments, Dallas, Tx

The staff at Washington Park Apartments are the best! They respond quickly to any maintenance need and keep the property looking great. Everyone is friendly and there is a real sense of community. I am so happy to call this place home!

- Kathleen Clawson - January 2023, Washington Park, Centerville, OH

Cindy and her team our outstanding. If an issue comes up (only once did I call in 15 months) they took care of it with in hours. I would recommend Village East Apartments to anyone. Besides the great community the location is spot on, from restaurants and shopping, every thing needed is with in a one mile radius.

- Judy Luttmann - January 2023, Village East Apartments, Franklin, OH

Any issues I’ve had they have taken care of it quickly and checked to make sure everything was resolved for me.

- my_life_as_a_sim - January 2023, Trails of Saddlebrook, Florence, KY

Management is so responsive to our needs and so pleasant. Maintenance consistently goes beyond our requests and very knowledgeable. Takes the time to communicate suggestions on how to operate appliances, insulate against extreme winter cold. etc. When searching for a new apartment online, I always read the ratings and reviews. Bluegrass Manor had the highest rating of any other complex in this area.

- Carole Davis - January 2023, Blue Grass Manor, Erlanger, KY

From the moment I visited College Woods apartments last year, I knew this was the place for me. I Absolutely love the College Hill area. Since I first moved to Cincinnati in 2016 I never found an apartment I actually LOVED until I moved here to College Woods apartments. This place is near perfect. It’s so quiet, clean and safe. I’m so in love with College Woods apartments and hope to live here long term until I buy a house in the future. Our new manager Mahala is very professional, nice and goes beyond & above to accommodate your needs or requests. The maintenance staff is very responsive and fast when putting in your request. I wish I discovered these apartments in 2016. If your looking for a very nice and quiet apartment complex in Cincinnati, look no further. These are by far the BEST apartments in Cincinnati.

- Javon Harris - January 2023, College Woods, College Hill, Cincinnati, OH

I really like living here at The Brownstones. The office staff and maintenance are always really nice and helpful. I’ve had a few maintenance requests and they have been completed in a timely manner. I am in my second year living here and I mainly chose this property for the garage and townhome living but the property is nice as well. I don’t even feel like I’m living in the city at times. It’s peaceful here for the most part with the exception of my heavy footed neighbors. Lol.

- Maya Miaa - January 2023, The Brownstones, Dallas, Tx

Thank you for your professionalism and fast services.

- Mohamed T. - January 2023, Preston Park, Dallas, TX

Johnathan was very professional and fixed our issues, thank you Johnathan. .

- Steve B. - January 2023, Colonial Ridge, Cincinnati, OH

Cambridge has been great! Great prices and location. Anytime I’ve needed something fixed or solved it gets done right away.

- Krystal Valverde - January 2023, Cambridge Court, Dallas, TX

Managers , office staff ,maintenance crew, Very clean community I feel safe Especially when the maintenance guy said to me I will watch out for your garage door because I’ve been having problems with my garage door coming open and he said i will keep an eye on your garage door. I appreciate that. I love the place where I live.

- Jeannetta L. - January 2023, Washington Place Apartments, Miamisburg, OH

This complex apartment has great maintenance and clean.

- Ali S. - January 2023, Princeton Court, Dallas, TX

I absolutely love this place! I have lived here for 5 years and I’m simply thrilled with all of the staff and the way they take care of the grounds, the buildings and us!

- Kathy S. - January 2023, Fairfield Pointe, Fairfield, OH

Many amenities here are excellent. The repair and maintenance team  is unusually responsive. If i call in for a repair or maintenance issue, 3 out of 4 times someone is here the same day, if not hour. Days after I moved in, windows were repaired, and I didn’t know there was anything wrong. The furnace filter was replaced without my knowing it needed to be. The office staff is spectacular in finding ways to solve your problems. When I as ill they brought me tea and a get-well card. This is not your typical apartment treatment.

- Martha Sierra - January 2023, Montana Valley Apartments, Cincinnati, OH

The Woodbridge staff are pleasant, responsive and do their best to resolve the issue or repair needed. Good place to live. Quiet, secure and friendly.

- Andrea C. - January 2023, Woodbridge Apartments, Dallas, TX

I have been living here for over 10 years. While living here things have been good. I have had maintenance issues and they have fixed things right away.

- Jacquetta Reynolds - January 2023, Aspen Village Apartments, Cincinnati, OH

Great apartment complex, beautiful territory, spacious and comfortable apartments (1bd,1bth). Attentive and responsive managers are always ready to help!

- Yuliia O. - November 2022, Trails of Saddlebrook Apartments - Florence, KY

The managers are top notch! Whenever there’s an issue, they respond right away and resolve!

- Amanda F. - November 2022, Lake of the Woods Apartments - Cincinnati, OH

Recently moved in. It is one of the cleanest apartment complexes I had seen. Well maintained landscape and friendly front office folks makes it more pleasurable.

- Baghyaraja S. - November 2022, Washington Place Apartments - Miamisburg, OH

Many amenities here are excellent. The repair and maintenance team  is unusually responsive. If i call in for a repair or maintenance issue, 3 out of 4 times someone is here the same day, if not hour. Days after I moved in, windows were repaired, and I didn’t know there was anything wrong. The furnace filter was replaced without my knowing it needed to be. The office staff is spectacular in finding ways to solve your problems. When I as ill they brought me tea and a get-well card. This is not your typical apartment treatment.

- Jackie W - November 2022, Nantucket Apartments - Loveland, OH

Please be advised that between the rusted pipes, water leaks soiled carpeting, the maintenance Men did awesome job in trying to get the job done, the contractors did a excellent job to get it done. Also the custodian does an excellent job as well they’re great assets to Aspen Village.

- Felicia J. - November 2022, Aspen Village Apartments - Cincinnati, OH

Maintenance responded quickly to my issue of being without heat and getting me a space heater. I also had an issue that day with having a semi-flat tire, and he also helped me to get it inflated. The name on his shirt was Dennis. He was very nice. I greatly appreciate his extra effort.

- Nancy K. - November 2022, Compton Lake Apartments - Mt. Healthy, OH

Roger is the best! He comes in does the work and explain what he did. He is focused on doing his job and doing it to the best of his ability. He works quickly with a good attitude.

- Gail L. - November 2022, The Brownstones Apartments - Dallas, TX

I have lived at Aspen Village for about 2 ½ years now and I have never experienced the kind of people that work for Fath Properties. Everyone from the front office, residential services, and especially the maintenance crew have always been very quick & courteous to all of my needs.

I do have to talk about an especially memorable experience with one particular maintenance person, his name is Darrell.

I had a problem with my kitchen sink after hours so I called the emergency line and was immediately called back by a very friendly woman. Not 15 minutes later Darrell was at my door, an extremely friendly person with a wealth of knowledge.

Not only did he fix the problem but thoroughly explained what caused it which really impressed me. He also walked around the apt with me and discussed some other issues I was having and low and behold the few minor things were all taken care of by the next day!

Last but not least, the work itself was outstanding.

I have nothing but great things to say about Aspen Village, the property is huge but is surprisingly kept very clean.

I would recommend that anyone live in Aspen Village!

- Anne Parker

I am consistently impressed by the level of service provided by the Cambridge Court management and maintenance team. During my four years with FATH Properties the extraordinary commitment to excellence in customer service, and the responsive maintenance staff, has always surpassed my expectations. I recommend Cambridge Court, without reservation, to any prospective resident.

- Jake Witcher, Cambridge Court

You are by far the best manager that I have ever rented from. You care about your job and it shows.

- Kari Mack, Colonial Ridge

. . . thanks so much for making our three-year stay at Village East a positive experience. . . Overall we wanted to give you five out of five stars, thank you again.

- Jeff Randall & Rachel Vacek, Village East, Franklin, , OH

I would like to thank Dee and her staff for their kindness and professionalism during our stay at Village East. It has been a pleasure knowing you and living in this community. . . Thank you so much for your courtesy and just good management. We felt so at home here.

- Ruth Briggs & Zenzi Howard, Village East, Franklin, OH

Romaine Court was one of the best properties I lived on. Dorothy was the #1 reason I enjoyed Romaine Court. She was very fair, concerned for all resident, friendly and responsive.

- Karen Paul, Romaine Court, Cincinnati, OH

. . . I would bring your attention to Dorothy’s superior managerial skills. I have witnessed her tact in delicate situations and her commitment to her job that has made Romaine Court one of the most pleasant apt. experiences I have ever had. I recommend her for recognition of her fairness, gentle firmness and exceptional dedication.

- Susan Rowland, Romaine Court, Cincinnati, OH

. . . It’s only with sadness that after a total of 32 years I finally left my home at Blue Grass Manor. . . We had many happy years there. The managers and maintenance was superb. . . My dearest memories will always be of Blue Grass Manor.

- Martha Huss, Blue Grass Manor, Erlanger, KY

. . . Your obvious care for the tenants is very touching. I have experienced how any of your staff will go out of the way to help and that is why my husband and I feel like we are part of a “big family” not just and apartment community complex.

- Jessica Issacs, Fairfield Pointe, Fairfield, O