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I have been at Red Bank Reserve going on 9 yrs and my Experience has been Amazing. Management does an Amazing job to make you feel at home the area is quiet not a lot of distractions and everything is close for shopping needs. Maintenance staff takes care of the grounds and problems within your apartment when needed. I Truly Enjoy myself here!!!

- Brett Larkin - January 2023, Red Bank Reserve Apartments, Madisonville, OH

I’ve lived at Lisa Ridge for several years and have found the staff to be friendly and willing to address any issues or answer any question quickly and efficiently. The complex is kept safe, clean, and neat and is a quiet pleasant place to live with a playground, picnic area, and swimming pool. Plus Lisa Ridge allows for pets which was very important to me when I was looking for an apartment. It is wonderful to see children playing together people out walking their dogs and everyone stopping to chat or say hi; exactly what you’d want in a neighborhood. I would recommend Lisa Ridge to anyone looking for a new place to call home.

- Angela Hopper - January 2023, Lisa Ridge Apartments, Cincinnati, OH

An excellent place to live. The office staff is awesome. Issues or concerns are handled quickly. Kudos to Lake of the Woods.

- Eunice Brown - January 2023, Lake of the Woods Apartments, Mt. Healthy, OH

I just moved in 3 weeks ago. They are very quick to respond and make it simple and easy to have an enjoyable move in. The apartment itself is very nice and spacious. It’s located within 5-10 minutes of stores and plazas but also secluded so there isn’t any busy street noise.

- Michael Barahona - January 2023, Deer Hill Apartments, Cincinnati, OH

New apt manager helped me clean off my car during last snow. Just happened to be driving by. Stopped, got out and just helped. I hadn’t met her yet. This was a great way to meet her. I so appreciated the help. I have back challenges.

- Kimberly Logan - January 2023, Compton Lake Apartments, Mt. Healthy, OH

I am living in Canyon Creek for the last 3 and a half years, and the service response is really good. The cleanliness and greenery are also good. 🙂

- Praveen Kumar - January 2023, Canyon Creek Apartments, Dallas, TX

Wonderful place. Very affordable and efficient. Enjoy living so close to many restaurants and shops. Maintenance is wonderful and prompt. Araceli is an awesome manager who works hard to keep the place running. I appreciate the kind staff. Look forward to being here for years to come!

- Mike Martinez - January 2023, Harvard Square Apartments, Dallas, TX

I have been living in the Nantucket Apartments for nearly a year and this is a great place to live! The apartments are absolutely beautiful and very spacious. We are definitely spoiled with the oversized bedrooms here and are going to struggle to find a house that is satisfying after living here! The maintenance staff are incredibly nice and are quick to respond whenever something goes wrong. Obviously it is out in the burbs, so there’s not as much to do close to the apartment but it is a short drive from Deerfield, Loveland, and Mason and very close to I-71 if you need to head downtown for anything! There are residents of all ages – including those with kids – so this is great if you’re young, old, single, or have a big family. This is such an improvement from my last apartment complex which was a nightmare and I would highly recommend it to anyone!

- Emily C. - January 2023, Nantucket Apartments, Loveland, OH

The outside property and lobby area is very nice and clean. Maintenance and office personnel are very courteous.

- Shirley Byrd - January 2023, Park Lane Apartments, Cincinnati, OH

Good management and tenant services.
Work requests completed in 24 hours or less.
Nice and clean living environment.
Employees are knowledgeable.

- Johnathan Ho - January 2023, The Biltmore Apartments, Dallas, TX

I’ve been over here going on a year in a half now and I just love it, you couldn’t ask for much better place to live in.

- Corey Jones - January 2023, The Summit at Midtown Apartments, Dallas, Tx

The staff at Washington Park Apartments are the best! They respond quickly to any maintenance need and keep the property looking great. Everyone is friendly and there is a real sense of community. I am so happy to call this place home!

- Kathleen Clawson - January 2023, Washington Park, Centerville, OH

Cindy and her team our outstanding. If an issue comes up (only once did I call in 15 months) they took care of it with in hours. I would recommend Village East Apartments to anyone. Besides the great community the location is spot on, from restaurants and shopping, every thing needed is with in a one mile radius.

- Judy Luttmann - January 2023, Village East Apartments, Franklin, OH

Any issues I’ve had they have taken care of it quickly and checked to make sure everything was resolved for me.

- my_life_as_a_sim - January 2023, Trails of Saddlebrook, Florence, KY

Management is so responsive to our needs and so pleasant. Maintenance consistently goes beyond our requests and very knowledgeable. Takes the time to communicate suggestions on how to operate appliances, insulate against extreme winter cold. etc. When searching for a new apartment online, I always read the ratings and reviews. Bluegrass Manor had the highest rating of any other complex in this area.

- Carole Davis - January 2023, Blue Grass Manor, Erlanger, KY

From the moment I visited College Woods apartments last year, I knew this was the place for me. I Absolutely love the College Hill area. Since I first moved to Cincinnati in 2016 I never found an apartment I actually LOVED until I moved here to College Woods apartments. This place is near perfect. It’s so quiet, clean and safe. I’m so in love with College Woods apartments and hope to live here long term until I buy a house in the future. Our new manager Mahala is very professional, nice and goes beyond & above to accommodate your needs or requests. The maintenance staff is very responsive and fast when putting in your request. I wish I discovered these apartments in 2016. If your looking for a very nice and quiet apartment complex in Cincinnati, look no further. These are by far the BEST apartments in Cincinnati.

- Javon Harris - January 2023, College Woods, College Hill, Cincinnati, OH

I really like living here at The Brownstones. The office staff and maintenance are always really nice and helpful. I’ve had a few maintenance requests and they have been completed in a timely manner. I am in my second year living here and I mainly chose this property for the garage and townhome living but the property is nice as well. I don’t even feel like I’m living in the city at times. It’s peaceful here for the most part with the exception of my heavy footed neighbors. Lol.

- Maya Miaa - January 2023, The Brownstones, Dallas, Tx

Thank you for your professionalism and fast services.

- Mohamed T. - January 2023, Preston Park, Dallas, TX

Johnathan was very professional and fixed our issues, thank you Johnathan. .

- Steve B. - January 2023, Colonial Ridge, Cincinnati, OH

Cambridge has been great! Great prices and location. Anytime I’ve needed something fixed or solved it gets done right away.

- Krystal Valverde - January 2023, Cambridge Court, Dallas, TX

Managers , office staff ,maintenance crew, Very clean community I feel safe Especially when the maintenance guy said to me I will watch out for your garage door because I’ve been having problems with my garage door coming open and he said i will keep an eye on your garage door. I appreciate that. I love the place where I live.

- Jeannetta L. - January 2023, Washington Place Apartments, Miamisburg, OH

This complex apartment has great maintenance and clean.

- Ali S. - January 2023, Princeton Court, Dallas, TX

I absolutely love this place! I have lived here for 5 years and I’m simply thrilled with all of the staff and the way they take care of the grounds, the buildings and us!

- Kathy S. - January 2023, Fairfield Pointe, Fairfield, OH

Many amenities here are excellent. The repair and maintenance team  is unusually responsive. If i call in for a repair or maintenance issue, 3 out of 4 times someone is here the same day, if not hour. Days after I moved in, windows were repaired, and I didn’t know there was anything wrong. The furnace filter was replaced without my knowing it needed to be. The office staff is spectacular in finding ways to solve your problems. When I as ill they brought me tea and a get-well card. This is not your typical apartment treatment.

- Martha Sierra - January 2023, Montana Valley Apartments, Cincinnati, OH

The Woodbridge staff are pleasant, responsive and do their best to resolve the issue or repair needed. Good place to live. Quiet, secure and friendly.

- Andrea C. - January 2023, Woodbridge Apartments, Dallas, TX

I have been living here for over 10 years. While living here things have been good. I have had maintenance issues and they have fixed things right away.

- Jacquetta Reynolds - January 2023, Aspen Village Apartments, Cincinnati, OH

Great apartment complex, beautiful territory, spacious and comfortable apartments (1bd,1bth). Attentive and responsive managers are always ready to help!

- Yuliia O. - November 2022, Trails of Saddlebrook Apartments - Florence, KY

The managers are top notch! Whenever there’s an issue, they respond right away and resolve!

- Amanda F. - November 2022, Lake of the Woods Apartments - Cincinnati, OH

Recently moved in. It is one of the cleanest apartment complexes I had seen. Well maintained landscape and friendly front office folks makes it more pleasurable.

- Baghyaraja S. - November 2022, Washington Place Apartments - Miamisburg, OH

Many amenities here are excellent. The repair and maintenance team  is unusually responsive. If i call in for a repair or maintenance issue, 3 out of 4 times someone is here the same day, if not hour. Days after I moved in, windows were repaired, and I didn’t know there was anything wrong. The furnace filter was replaced without my knowing it needed to be. The office staff is spectacular in finding ways to solve your problems. When I as ill they brought me tea and a get-well card. This is not your typical apartment treatment.

- Jackie W - November 2022, Nantucket Apartments - Loveland, OH

Please be advised that between the rusted pipes, water leaks soiled carpeting, the maintenance Men did awesome job in trying to get the job done, the contractors did a excellent job to get it done. Also the custodian does an excellent job as well they’re great assets to Aspen Village.

- Felicia J. - November 2022, Aspen Village Apartments - Cincinnati, OH

Maintenance responded quickly to my issue of being without heat and getting me a space heater. I also had an issue that day with having a semi-flat tire, and he also helped me to get it inflated. The name on his shirt was Dennis. He was very nice. I greatly appreciate his extra effort.

- Nancy K. - November 2022, Compton Lake Apartments - Mt. Healthy, OH

Roger is the best! He comes in does the work and explain what he did. He is focused on doing his job and doing it to the best of his ability. He works quickly with a good attitude.

- Gail L. - November 2022, The Brownstones Apartments - Dallas, TX

I have lived at Aspen Village for about 2 ½ years now and I have never experienced the kind of people that work for Fath Properties. Everyone from the front office, residential services, and especially the maintenance crew have always been very quick & courteous to all of my needs.

I do have to talk about an especially memorable experience with one particular maintenance person, his name is Darrell.

I had a problem with my kitchen sink after hours so I called the emergency line and was immediately called back by a very friendly woman. Not 15 minutes later Darrell was at my door, an extremely friendly person with a wealth of knowledge.

Not only did he fix the problem but thoroughly explained what caused it which really impressed me. He also walked around the apt with me and discussed some other issues I was having and low and behold the few minor things were all taken care of by the next day!

Last but not least, the work itself was outstanding.

I have nothing but great things to say about Aspen Village, the property is huge but is surprisingly kept very clean.

I would recommend that anyone live in Aspen Village!

- Anne Parker

I am consistently impressed by the level of service provided by the Cambridge Court management and maintenance team. During my four years with FATH Properties the extraordinary commitment to excellence in customer service, and the responsive maintenance staff, has always surpassed my expectations. I recommend Cambridge Court, without reservation, to any prospective resident.

- Jake Witcher, Cambridge Court

You are by far the best manager that I have ever rented from. You care about your job and it shows.

- Kari Mack, Colonial Ridge

. . . thanks so much for making our three-year stay at Village East a positive experience. . . Overall we wanted to give you five out of five stars, thank you again.

- Jeff Randall & Rachel Vacek, Village East, Franklin, , OH

I would like to thank Dee and her staff for their kindness and professionalism during our stay at Village East. It has been a pleasure knowing you and living in this community. . . Thank you so much for your courtesy and just good management. We felt so at home here.

- Ruth Briggs & Zenzi Howard, Village East, Franklin, OH

Romaine Court was one of the best properties I lived on. Dorothy was the #1 reason I enjoyed Romaine Court. She was very fair, concerned for all resident, friendly and responsive.

- Karen Paul, Romaine Court, Cincinnati, OH

. . . I would bring your attention to Dorothy’s superior managerial skills. I have witnessed her tact in delicate situations and her commitment to her job that has made Romaine Court one of the most pleasant apt. experiences I have ever had. I recommend her for recognition of her fairness, gentle firmness and exceptional dedication.

- Susan Rowland, Romaine Court, Cincinnati, OH

. . . It’s only with sadness that after a total of 32 years I finally left my home at Blue Grass Manor. . . We had many happy years there. The managers and maintenance was superb. . . My dearest memories will always be of Blue Grass Manor.

- Martha Huss, Blue Grass Manor, Erlanger, KY

. . . Your obvious care for the tenants is very touching. I have experienced how any of your staff will go out of the way to help and that is why my husband and I feel like we are part of a “big family” not just and apartment community complex.

- Jessica Issacs, Fairfield Pointe, Fairfield, O