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We are a family owned and operated business with over 7,500 homes on 27 properties.  We have over 200 employees who are dedicated to making your stay enjoyable.  As with most products or services, you have a wide selection of apartments from which to choose.  You need to select an apartment that fits your standards and provides the services and amenities you want.

Clean, quiet, well-maintained homes for over 50 years.

Fifty years ago as a young lawyer, Harry Fath bought a 6-unit apartment building and worked very hard at finding out what our customers wanted.  It became clear that residents wanted a clean, quiet and well maintained place to live.  Therefore, in order to give our residents what they wanted we needed rules on cars, balconies, noise and anything else that will detract from our resident’s peaceful enjoyment of their home.  Most apartment communities have many of the same rules and regulations.  The biggest difference is that we are committed to enforcing them.

One of our unique policies is the Vehicle Condition Agreement that is part of our Rental Criteria and an Addendum to the Lease Agreement.  Amazingly it came from our applicants consistently telling us that the first thing they looked at were the cars in the parking lot.  If there were rusted, heavily dented, disabled or unsightly cars, they assumed the property was poorly operated and they would have neighbors that were unacceptable.  We understand that your automobile is a personal item; however, we believe that a car that is not well maintained detracts from the overall appearance of the customer’s home.

If you truly want a clean, quiet, well-maintained place to live, Fath is your best option.

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