Maintenance Request

Submit a Maintenance Request

Requests for service from residents are our top priority.

We strive to provide consistent, quality maintenance, which we believe is the foundation of our resident relations. We expect to have all maintenance requests completed within 48 hours if at all possible and respond to emergencies 24 hours a day. If this is an emergency, please call the community Leasing Office immediately for further instruction. After hours emergency instructions are given in the office voicemail message. The email generated from this request will not be seen until the office is open again. The following situations should be considered emergencies:

  • No electricity
  • No water and/or no hot water
  • No heating when outside temperature is below 55 degrees or air conditioning when outside temperature is above 89 degrees or if health problems exist which leave the resident at risk
  • Water main break or burst water pipes
  • Toilet stopped-up only if apartment has one bath and after resident has tried plunging
  • Broken windows, locks, or any situation where the resident’s safety is in jeopardy
  • Failed refrigerator
  • Sewer stoppage
  • Gas leak (call gas company)
  • Any unsecured entry in the apartment

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