12 Ways to Turn Your Apartment Into a Christmas Wonderland

12 Ways to Turn Your Apartment Into a Christmas Wonderland


Is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas at your place, or do you think you just don’t have the room to decorate?  No matter the size of your home, there are always ways to bring the festive look and feel of the season to your place without breaking the bank or requiring a plethora of pre-holiday storage space. In fact, we have 12 ideas for ways you can turn your apartment into a Christmas wonderland!

1. Size Doesn’t Matter

Finding room for a tree in a small space or a room that doesn’t have a big empty corner can be tough. Rather than skip the tree altogether, how about a small tree that can fit nicely in a corner or a narrow tree that can squeeze in between furnishings? Small trees can make big statements with the right ornaments and plenty of lights. Even a tabletop tree can add a holiday flair to your home.  If you’re worried about not having enough storage for an artificial tree and ornaments, you can always get a real tree and decorate it with layers of fake snow and pine cones which can be tossed after the holidays. This kind of tree embraces a natural woodland look and can be quite pretty.

2. Be Surfa-ficial

In other [real] words, take advantage of all the flat surfaces throughout your home. Your coffee table is the center of your living room space and can become the centerpiece for your holiday decor. Add a themed garland, large Christmas ornaments, or even a basket full of greens and pinecones to the table to create a cozy central arrangement. Add a few flameless candles to set the mood. Carry the décor to your kitchen and bathroom counters, dresser or nightstand surfaces, your TV stand – the possibilities are almost endless.

3. Be Subtle

Subtle touches of holiday cheer throughout your home can tie in a holiday theme that makes your dwelling feel comfy and cozy. A small winter scape on a window ledge, holiday-themed kitchen accessories, or a seasonal garland or wreath over your bathroom mirror can invigorate the holiday spirit in your place.

4. Be A Wallflower

Hanging displays or floating shelves are a great way to optimize vertical space. Your wall space can become a replacement for a mantel, a place to hang stockings or provide a fun way to display Christmas cards. For parents, floating shelves make a great elf-on-the-shelf display. Make use of wall space by spreading out the shelves and laying garland or twinkle lights to create a winter atmosphere. Use holiday-themed tape and free paint swatches from the hardware store along with squares of wrapping paper to create a flat yet colorful Christmas tree on the wall.

5. Window Dressing

Your windows are the eyes of your home. Make use of the windows by constructing winterscapes on the windowsills, or hanging a wreath in the window. Hang large snowflakes in the window for a Christmas look that will last through the winter. Wrap lights around your curtain rods or drape them over your blinds to create a bright and airy vibe.

6. Shelves For Elves

Utilize the top of bookshelves or cabinets to lay out decor like ornaments and even tinsel. If you do not have a fireplace, you can use a bookshelf in its place to hang stockings or display Christmas cards.

7. Swap It

Swap out kitchen towels, sheets, throw blankets, and bathroom towels with holiday-themed ones to add a maximized look to your small space. Festive linens are a cute touch for any guest entering your home. The same applies to dishes and tableware!

8. Burn Baby Burn

Festive decor is not only about what you can see but also about the smell. Lean into the scents of the holidays by burning candles that smell like some of your favorite Christmas memories. Candles can also generate a relaxing ambiance, which is a great way to take a break from all the hustle and bustle of the season. Just be sure to protect your surfaces from dripping wax, and never leave lit candles unattended.

9. Door Dressing

A perfect way to welcome your guests into your holiday home is with a seasonal wreath or doormat right at the entrance, even if it’s just to your apartment. Your guests will know they’ve stepped into Santa’s workshop with cute festive pieces. Select a wreath that welcomes the spirit of the season and a doormat that displays welcoming cheer.

10. Terrific Tablescapes

The holidays are a great time for get-togethers and parties, greet your guests with a bar or kitchen table that screams Christmas. Select a table runner that showcases snowy scenes, grab a candle or two that smell like pine trees, and don’t forget to add some snacks!

11. Cozy Cocoa

Revamp your bar cart by creating a hot chocolate or cider station. Swap out shakers for marshmallows and chocolate spoons. Grab holiday mugs that tout the Christmas spirit. You can still keep traditional items in your bar cart to create a hot toddy station for those wishing to indulge.

12. Greens Galore

Add fresh greens in swags, garlands, or containers to bring the outdoors in, bringing lovely scents  – especially if you can find cedar branches – into your home. Sprigs of greens are an easy and expensive way to create special scenes throughout your apartment. Kick them up a notch by adding pinecones, frosted fruits and berries, an ornament or two, and finish it off with a bit of pretty ribbon or a bow.

Bonus: Party Pets

Get your furry friends in on the action with some cute holiday gear. Whether it’s a festive collar, hat, and/or sweater, decking your dog or kitty will surely bring a smile to your face.

So there you have it. We hope you’re inspired to make the most of your home this holiday season with a little (or a lot!) of festive decor. Turning your apartment into a Christmas wonderland can be anything from quick, easy, and inexpensive to time-consuming and elaborate. It’s all up to you! No matter how you celebrate, we wish you the happiest and most joyful holiday season. And tell your dog we said hi.